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About the Stepwise Process

The Stepwise Process gives a clear and transparent way for partners in the Grande Ronde and Imnaha Subbasins of the Snake River to apply for restoration funds. The process starts with a Prospectus which is submitted in order to give GRMW a brief overview of the project. Once GRMW reviews the prospectus they will then invite the project sponsor to submit a Draft Proposal. The Draft Proposal is used by the Implementation Team to evaluate the project. Draft Proposals are accepted twice a year; once on March 1st and again on September 15th. A site visit is conducted and the sponsor then submits a Final Proposal that reflects the changes requested by the Implementation Team. The Final Proposal is then given to GRMW's Board of Directors for a funding decision.

The GRMW has an ongoing open solicitation process for all project prospectuses. GRMW staff is available throughout the year to provide technical assistance or guidance in the development of projects and funding applications. Below is a link to the Stepwise Process.

Where to start

The Stepwise Process starts off by submitting a Prospectus to GRMW. The link below will take you to that form. After completing the form you will be contacted by GRMW with the next steps. If you have any questions please contact

Draft Proposal

Once you have been asked by GRMW to submit a Draft Proposal you will need the template below. Also below are some examples of what a Draft Proposal should look like.

Supporting Documents

Here are the supporting documents that you should be using.