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Ripples Archive

Fall 2009

  • Natural Selection the GRMW Selects a New Technique to Restore Wallowa River Fish Habitat to its Natural Condition
  • Happy Trails to our Project Partner: The ODFW’s Brad Smith Retires After 32 Years
  • The Project in Pictures
  • Mining for Enhanced Habitat The Upper Grande Ronde Mine Tailings Restoration Project
  • Adding New Fuel to the Fire The Enterprise School District Biomass Heating Project
  • From the Archives Island City Oregon

Summer 2009

  • Becoming the BiOp How a 1,000-page Policy Document Develops into Habitat Restoration Projects in the Grande Ronde Watershed
  • Meet the Project Partners Women of the BiOp
  • Just the Beginning for End Creek Revisiting the End Creek Fish Habitat and Wetland Restoration Project
  • BiOp 101: A Recipe for Healthy Habitat in the Grande Ronde and Beyond
  • End Creek: 2009 Monitoring Report
  • Anderson-Perry & Associates, GRMW Announce Winner of Inaugural Scholarship Award
  • From the Archives Odd Oregon Names and Their Histories

Spring 2009

  • From Dream to Reality How the GRMW Selects Among Prospective Projects to Fund
  • Meet the Board Ted Taylor
  • Wild for the Watershed
  • Swimming Upstream How the Deer Creek Culvert Replacement Project Restored Fish Access to Critical Habitat
  • Stimulate This!
  • Thank You From the Kids!
  • From the Archives Historic Towns in Union County

Winter 2009

  • Enhancements to the Catherine Creek Watershed at a glance
  • Transition at Ripples Make new friends but keep the old
  • Water Under Troubled Bridges
  • Aquifer Storage and Recovery in the Grande Ronde Watershed
  • ODFW forced to cut services with a reduction in federal funding from the Mitchell Act fish screening program
  • From the Archives The Founding of Wallowa County