Sheep Creek FS 5160 Rd. Culvert Replacement

  • GRMW ID: 1933
  • Fiscal Year: 2016

Sheep Creek and East Sheep Creek is spawning and rearing habitat for summer steelhead and is designated critical habitat for bull trout. Spring/summer chinook spawning and rearing habitat is located with Sheep Creek. Redband trout also exist within the above stream. The 5160 culvert on Sheep Creek is currently undersized and does not pass fish at all life stages. This project will replace and realign culvert with a larger culvert to adequately handle high flows, prevent flooding and maintain aquatic organism passage.


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Contacts & Roles

Name Role Organization
Joe Platz Technical Contact La Grande Ranger District
Bill Gamble Administrative Contact United States Forest Service


Organization Role
Bonneville Power Administration Funding Entity
United States Forest Service Sponsor

Grants & Contracts

Organization Contract # Funding Amount
Bonneville Power Administration 72254 $146,421.00

Project Points

Site Description Latitude/Longitude Link to KML
BPA Culvert - 5160 45.0590124288 / -118.455781279 Download KML