Fly Creek - Smith Property Reparian Fencing

  • GRMW ID: 1929
  • Fiscal Year: 2016

In 1986, ODFW surveyed a four mile section of Fly Creek from USFS Road 5155 upstream. Twenty-four summer steelhead redds were counted above Little Fly Creek. Stream conditions below Little Fly Creek precluded identification of redds. Spawning surveyors observed that there was much unused spawning gravel, bank degradation was a combination of erosion and cattle use, and any establishment of bank vegetation over current levels would greatly enhance stream shade and cover and also provide habitat for a large number of nongame wildlife species. In 1987, ODFW fenced 14.8 riparian acres along 1.2 stream miles of Fly Creek. The original lease was signed April 1, 1987 with an expiration of May 31, 2003. An addendum extending the lease until March 31, 2013 was signed March 12, 2003. ODFW personnel met with Fred Smith (landowner) on July 08, 2014 to discuss a new easement for the property. ODFW and the landowner agreed to a new 25 year easement. In addition, the landowner has agreed to ODFW fencing an additional 0.3 stream miles (15 acres), decreasing the size of an existing water gap from 100 feet to 50 feet, and modifying 1,300 feet of the existing fence line. The new fence line was staked out with the landowner on September 08, 2014. ODFW also surveyed the existing fence line and identified structures needing replacement.


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Contacts & Roles

Name Role Organization
Matt Saladin Technical Contact Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife
Colleen Fagan Administrative Contact Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife


Organization Role
Bonneville Power Administration Funding Entity
Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife Funding Entity
Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife Sponsor

Grants & Contracts

Organization Contract # Funding Amount
Bonneville Power Administration 690030 $20,249.00
Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife N/A $20,162.00

Project Points

Site Description Latitude/Longitude Link to KML
Downstream 45.1375948194 / -118.560687287 Download KML
Upstream 45.1380110685 / -118.572623117 Download KML