Catherine Creek Davis Dams Fish Passage

  • GRMW ID: 1842
  • Fiscal Year: 2011
  • Fiscal Year: Aug. 18, 2011

Catherine Creek provides habitat for ESA-listed Snake River spring Chinook, summer steelhead and Columbia River bull trout. The Catherine Creek Chinook population is considered one of the highest priority populations for restoration within the Grande Ronde Basin. \r\n\r\nCatherine Creek has been diverted at the Davis Dams since 1870 with the earliest water right. A variety of diversion structures have been in place in the past at both the Upper and Lower Davis Dams including gravel pushup dams. The project upgraded the two existing concrete diversions structures and install vertical slot fish ladders at each site.


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Contacts & Roles

Name Role Organization
Lyle Kuchenbecker Technical Contact Grande Ronde Model Watershed


Organization Role
Grande Ronde Model Watershed Sponsor

Grants & Contracts

Organization Contract # Funding Amount
Bonneville Power Administration 41876 $50,000.00
Bonneville Power Administration 52075 $1,808,338.00
Bonneville Power Administration 34740 $115,000.00

Project Points

Site Description Latitude/Longitude Link to KML
Upper Davis Dam 45.2420610984 / -117.92350173 Download KML
Davis Dam 45.246317795 / -117.931162119 Download KML