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Meet the Board

The mission of the Board of Directors of the Grande Ronde Model Watershed is to develop and oversee the implementation, maintenance, and monitoring of coordinated resource management that will enhance the natural resources of the Grande Ronde River Basin.

Board members have a unique task. Expected to represent the constituency that nominated them for participation, they are also expected to support the mission of the GRMW. Human nature dictates that serving these two masters can be a challenge, and individual interpretations of the mission statement add to the burden of working from outside and from within the GRMW as board members are asked to do.

The board represents all the key elements of today's society in northeastern Oregon. Over the years, the work of the board has provided solid evidence that the GRMW is in the good and capable hands of citizens who care; people who seek a reasonable balance of social, economic, and environmental values; and who are consistently willing to place the good of the whole at the forefront of their thoughts and actions.

Ted Taylor, Chair
Wallowa County Commission
Dave Yost, Vice-Chair
Union County Commission
Susan Roberts
Wallowa County Board of Commissioners
Norm Cimon
Allen Childs
Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation
Larry Cribbs
Economic Development & Industry Representative
Nick Myatt
Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
Joe McCormack
Nez Perce Tribe
Katie Frenyea
Union Soil & Water Conservation District
Jed Hassinger
Private Landowner Representative
Laura Mahrt
Eastern Oregon University Representative
Larry Nall
Private Forests & Landowner Representative
Mark Davidson
Union County Board of Commissioners
Alternate: Steve McClure
Union County Board of Commissioners
Alternate: Tim Bailey
Alternate: Gene Hardy
Private Landowner Rep.
Alternate: Jim Lauman
Economic Development & Industry Rep.
Alternate: Curt Ricker
Union SWCD
Alternate: Jeff Yanke